Celebrating the Holidays in St. Louis CITY

Very few places in the world are as festive as St. Louis City!   I remember my first year as a city resident, being concerned about what to do for Halloween trick or treating and being BLOWN AWAY by the scene in Tower Grove;  shut down streets, adults dressed up as zombies walking the streets, fire pits, treats for weary parents, porch parties and kids EVERYWHERE!!!

Candy Cane Lane Map (2)

Christmas season is no different.

St. Louis Hills wins the award for the most festive neighborhood for Chrismas every year.  Between the Christmas Tree lighting in Francis Park, to Candy Cane lane,  Snowflake Street, Angel Avenue, Wonderland Way and Reindeer Rd, there’s no shortage of themed events for the Holidays.   Some say its too much.   In working with home buyers, we think it may be a lawsuit waiting to happen NOT to inform prospective buyers that they may consider how ‘festive’ they are before buying on the 6500 block of Murdoch.  If someone doesn’t celebrate Christmas, it might be a long month.

For those who celebrate Christmas, anywhere in the region, should pay a visit to the amazing St. Louis Hills neighborhood this season, starting This Sunday, for the lighting of the Christmas Tree in Francis Park (where Nottingham meets Childress).   Every year, the Sunday after Thanksgiving at 7pm the Christmas Tree is lit, signifying the beginning of the Holiday Season.  With Candy Cane Lane as the old and faithful, all the streets lit up become a destination for the whole world to visit.   Top your visit off with a non-traditional dinner at Aya Sofia and a world renowned treat at Ted Drewes, and you’ve got yourself an amazing evening!

The streets below are from the St. Louis Hills neighborhood website, and other events can be found there for locals.

  • Candy Cane Lane — 6500 block of Murdoch
  • Angel Avenue — 4700 block of Prague
  • Snowflake Street — 6500 block of Neosho
  • Reindeer Road — 6700 block of Walsh
  • Wonderland Way — 6200 block of Walsh


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