OPEN HOUSE: Fit for a Mayor….

3723 Juniata St dramatic facade part 1

Friday I was talking to a neighbor on the 3600 block of Juniata (Say it with us: JOO-NEE-AT-UH) in Tower Grove Heights, and he told me that 3723 Juniata was the boyhood home of the celebrated Mayor and 15th Ward Alderman Alfonso J. Cervantes.   Who knew?   I’d been in his other place in the CWE and had no idea he, like me, had been a resident of Tower Grove Heights.

If St. Louis History is your passion, check it out.   The ‘water closet’ in the first floor half bath appears to be original, or at least one that goes back 60 years (and still works great) so that may be your connection to our 39th mayor.   The rest of the home has been updated.  3723 Juniata St 062

Had we known about the connection with St. Louis history, maybe we could have used it when we sold it in 2013.

3723 Juniata St 034

On a side note, Tower Grove residents have long suffered the chronic mispronunciation of Juniata [it’s not Juanita, dammit!], and in looking for where the word actually came from, (river, county, town, college and neighborhood in Pennsylvania), I came across this hysterical video from the beleaguered students at Juniata College about the pains of having your name repeatedly botched.

We have our open house today, Sunday 11/24 from 1pm-2:30pm and I’m looking forward to it.   As everyone knows, homes have been going  quick, and preliminary numbers from the National Association of Realtors show that there is a 20% year over year drop  in homes listed this year, and November isn’t known for having great new homes going on the market.

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