Forest Park Southeast, What’s Happening in StL!

One of the cool, up and coming parts of St Louis City is the Grove in the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood. ┬áThis neighborhood is located south of the massive BJC main campus, Central West End, and Interstate 64, east of Kingshighway, and north of Vandeventer. ┬áThe Grove started out as a few popular nightclubs andContinue reading “Forest Park Southeast, What’s Happening in StL!”

What Makes a Great City?

Early in my real estate career, one of my mentors told me an analogy. “Neighborhoods are like mutual funds and individual homes are like stocks,” he explained further, “values rise and fall independently but they all have an effect on the overall quality of the neighborhood.” By the same reasoning, the overall value of theContinue reading “What Makes a Great City?”

Let’s Make the ‘Burbs More Like the City

Hmmm. More transit. More density. Less Parking. Sounds sort of ….urban. This article from the Post Dispatch was refreshing. One of the most frustrating things about suburbia is being in malls and strip malls with hideous amounts of unused parking. These sterile asphalt tundras fill up maybe a few times a year. As the internetContinue reading “Let’s Make the ‘Burbs More Like the City”

Suburbia R.I.P.

Interesting reading. Looking at the deleterious effects of suburbanization of the countryside, it would be nice if that activity was curbed. It doesn’t seem possible that the suburbs themselves would vanish in much of St. Louis County, or even that it would be a good thing if they did. Interestingly, my very urban neighborhood ofContinue reading “Suburbia R.I.P.”

St. Louis City Sales Data 2007 & 2008

Last week, I put down a fair amount of information on the downtown real estate market and provided the sales information about the area. I also talked a bit about how the year of 2008 felt for a real estate professional (2008 Real Estate Sales Downtown ). The post is something I’ve tried to doContinue reading “St. Louis City Sales Data 2007 & 2008”