Visit 4SaleStLouis.com for Real Estate Information
Visit 4SaleStLouis.com for Real Estate Information

Chris Grus is a realtor in St. Louis that LOVES the city.  Like any place, St. Louis city has its negative attributes.  There are reasons people don’t like it and reasons people do.  Unfortunately, it seems that most media bias favors the former.  As media companies falter and loose market share to the internet, public perception is swayed by the “shock journalism” that flies in the face of the journalistic standards upon which most media outlets were built.  Other sources of information coming from self-professed urbanists are fantastic, yet they seem to also look at the city with the focus of addressing its problems.  While that is important and useful, it also gives the reader the impression that nothing happens in St. Louis City except for bad things. 

St. Louis City Living is writen as a small voice for what is good about the city and trying to keep in perspective the problems we do have.  St. Louis City Living is also in a fabulous position to observe and record the urban renaissance in St. Louis. 

In 2005, Chris started the blog, LoftsintheLou.com for similar reasons listed above, but the scope of the blog focused only on Downtown St. Louis.  As a realtor that works throughout the metro area, it was more desireable to be able to highlight  more than just one neighborhood.

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