Amazing Live / Work – Benton Park

When we moved to Tower Grove, our office had an apartment upstairs that we lived in, while we were estabishing our office, and remodeling a home just blocks away. Having a live work space was amazing! When we no longer needed to live their, we rented the 2nd floor aparment out and essentially paid our loan amount each month with the rental payment and “officed for free”.

This very cool opportunity is in the Heart of Benton Park, just blocks away from Sidney Street Café, Hodak’s, my favorite, Blues City Deli, and Peacemaker. It’s across the street from Cone’s and Cups and Freemont Park. Currently it’s set up as a 3 family apartment with attached restaurant, but there’s so much flexibility. Some would use the whole 1st floor as commercial, others might convert the whole thing to an apartment. For businesses, the optional lot behind the property on Lynch Street would be ideal for parking, for others, it could be used for new construction.

The options are fantastic!

In researching this property, the city tax record is most interesting.

The original architecture was entirely stripped off the 3rd floor, as was the “thing” from the 50’s -70’s …. to ‘modernize’ buildings. It made me curious to know what the building was used for most recently, and historically, so I started searching online. The architect from the rennovation has some nice photos and information about the project. The building had been abandoned. has archives of newspapers going back to the 1800’s in STL, so there were some interesting news bits in there, but after the pharmacist passed away in 1948, there wasn’t much out there on the news until the physician in the northern storefront passed away in 1962, and then nothing until new life was breathed back into it thanks to historic tax credits, great developers and architects!

So it was built to be a German grocer. Then used as a Doctors office, with McNair Pharmacy operating for 36 years and the family living upstairs. The pharmacy was remodeled extensively in 1928, just in time for the Great Depression

This property is hitting the market this weekend, and will be open Sunday from 1-2:30pm. Get more details on the listing, plus pictures of the apartment

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