Why City?

suburbian transportTonight after work, my wife, my three boys and I walked a couple blocks from home to the newest Sushi restaurant in town, Cafe Mochi, to order some “to go” for dinner.  While we waited, we walked up another block to the Gelateria del Leone for some awesome gelato (As a waiter I was told by many women, the feminine approach to life is dessert before dinner).  We then walked back to Mochi, grabbed our sushi and walked a short 2 blocks home.  After dinner and putting the kids to bed, I walked back over to meet some friends and then proceeded to City Diner for more camraderie.

In a listing appointment yesterday, someone commented about living in the city.  They couldn’t understand why someone would want to live in the city. WHAT!?!?

Obviously the city isn’t for everyone.  Some people like suburbia.  Others like rural.   As a Realtor, I work with people to find what they want, so this blog isn’t about converting those folks.  Obviously.  I sometimes have to abandon my values completely when my clients want to live somewhere that I wouldn’t.

Living in Suburbia, my fantastic experience this evening would have been totally dissimilar.   Loading up the kids and driving.  Unloading.  Ordering.  Loading. Driving. Unloading.  Getting ice cream (only Dairy Queen or Ice Cream in the burbs, no place as cool as the Gelateria are out there). Loading.  Driving. Unloading. Getting Sushi.  Loading.  Driving. Unloading.  Eating…….you get the point.  St. Louis City can be so family friendly and you don’t have to own a mini van.

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