It Takes A Village

One of the worst memories I have from my move into the city was from a conversation with a colleague.   A fellow realtor, we were in the middle of a deal and had a good rapport with one another.  Occasionally we would converse about personal information like family.  I mentioned that we were moving into the city one day and her response floored me.  “What are you going to do with your kids?!?!”

Her question was reasonable in itself, but her tone was anxious and concerned.  It was if she was asking if we were going to put our kids in foster care so we could live in the city.

Of course, I knew what she was getting at.  St. Louis Public Schools have been a media scapegoat for years, and for good reason.  I guess I personally just hold my fellow realtors to a higher standard when it comes to being informed about the city.  Clearly she was not.

I thought about her today at the St. Louis Association of Realtors Urban Affairs Committee meeting today.  We met at Soda Fountain Square and the topic was education.  Mayor Slay , Robbyn Wahby and Sharon Gerken were the speakers.

The Mayor’s position on giving parents good options to choose from in choosing a school is well documented.  There was talk on Charter Schools, Magnet Schools, After school programs, and private schools.  We heard about partnerships between different entities and making a quality education available.   I learned about the Knowledge is Power Program and how they, along with Washington University would be opening their own charter school geared mainly toward disadvantaged youths.   In one hour, I was flooded with information that assured me that children in the city do have opportunities to get a quality education and that our leaders are working hard in solving that problem.

As a parent of 3 boys, I know quality education is available.  St. Margaret of Scottland School has been a very warm and impressive place for my kindergardener.

The bottom line: Good Schools Happen in St. Louis City!

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One thought on “It Takes A Village

  1. I am seriously considering renting in the city and getting as much info as I can about schools for my 4th grader. I am looking into magnet schools and trying to figure out where st. louis county and city begins. I need help in figuring out where all my options would be to rent. Anyway thanks for the info and I am starting to see st. louis in a whole new way. thanks for sharing!

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