City Living: St. Louis Style

Welcome to City Living:  St. Louis Style! 

This is a blog about St. Louis City.  Its history, its present;  Life in St. Louis, its ups and downs.  Back in 2005, I started a blog Lofts in the Lou (  Downtown St. Louis is an awesome area and we are huge fans of the loft district and its recent boom.  As a real estate professional and blogger though, often the stuff that comes up in life doesn’t always pertain to downtown.  I’m not sure what plan is there, other than continuing to post to Lofts in the Lou and seeing where this new blog goes. 

Working in real estate, it’s my business to find out what people want in a home and an area and help them find that.  I work with clients throughout the area, but often find myself in the city.  “Why?!?” “What are you going to do with your KIDS?!?” Those were questions posed to me by other Realtors when I told them I was moving to the city.  Sometimes there is an anti-urban message in areas surrounding St. Louis City.

What brings many to the city is affordability.  Home buyer’s can get so much more space for the money in the city in many cases.  The city is more cosmopolitan and energetic.  City homes have character and many older features that are rarely found in suburbia.  The City has a greater concentration of amenities and activites. Museums, Parks, Theater, Sport & Concerts Venues; all within a few minutes drive and surrounded by great restaurants.  The City embraced urbanism before it was the “new thing”. 

St. Louis skylineOnce a client said  about his wife, “well, there’s a Wal-Mart and a two Grocery Stores, she’ll never have to go more than a few miles away.”  If big box retailers and chain restaurants really get you going, then maybe city living won’t impress you.  As a realtor, I always set my values aside. 

Of course, the city does have problems.   What city doesn’t?  Most likely these will come up in St. Louis City Living.

Thanks for visiting St. Louis City Living!  Come back Soon!

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